About us

About Us

‘Upsilon’  is the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet. It is known as Pythagoras’ letter, so called because its forked shape was seen to symbolise moral choice.

‘Upsilon Global’  is a clinical research partnership that specialise in supporting CROs, Biotechs, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device companies who have made the right choice for assistance with their clinical studies.


“In an industry where each clinical trial is unique, why don’t outsourcing providers tailor every service to optimise project outcomes on an individual basis?”

“Why do so many service providers still think that a one-size-fits-all approach is relevant in today’s world?”


Upsilon Global was founded on the basis that adaptability and flexibility are the most important attributes when working with small/medium sized organisations in the clinical space. We aim to accelerate your clinical trials using a quality-focused, cost and time efficient model, without jeopardising the integrity of your study.


With the changes in the outsourcing world and the amalgamation of many of the mid-sized CROs, we became aware that an alternative solution was necessary for when looking to run clinical studies.


We focus on reducing the timelines, risks and costs associated with planning and launching clinical studies, acting as a virtual extension of your company. Through our expert knowledge of global start-up and regulatory requirements to our experience in delivering multi-country studies, we enable our partners to conduct trials internationally without the fixed overheads, cost layers or multiple communication lines.


Our proven track-record in study delivery reduces the risks, whilst the flexibility and scalability of our model reduces the costs, as it enables you to ramp-up and scale-back operations, allowing for lean budget management.


Our partnership service is designed to optimise and streamline current and future clinical development programs through our extended global network of specialist therapeutic experts.


We understand the inherent challenges that small companies face, as well as the importance of having a trusted partner to support your requests and offer continued advice and support, particularly in countries and regions that may be new to your organisation.