Corporate Development

Corporate Development

Our Corporate Development service is designed to assist small/medium sized CROs, Biotechs, Pharmas and Medical Device companies improve the performance and profitability of their teams by the acquisition of key mid-level and senior personnel to the business.


Each assignment includes an initial 30-minute consultation where we will dissertate your requirements, challenges, selling points and culture, and gain an in-depth understanding of your business and the way that you work. We will advise a market strategy, discuss target sectors and present our estimate of the costs and timelines involved in the project.


Our high-end, exclusive service includes market-mapping, competitor analysis, succession planning and benchmarking the internal talent pool against the external marketplace. Unlike many Executive Search firms, we are flexible in the packages that we offer, and will tailor a specific campaign to your requirements, budget and payment options.


As part of the assignment we’ll book in a weekly consultation call, where we will update you on the progress of project, the current available human capital pipeline, and the dynamics of the current market. We’ll use our research and experience to conduct first stage discussions with the talent in the market, enabling us to advise you on who we think you should be looking to progress with, and how the expertise that we have identified can help you achieve your short and long-term business goals.


Each Upsilon Global advisor is dedicated to a specific country or region. We take this approach because it allows our people to really understand the trends, developments and needs of their area, allowing them to develop into true geographical clinical specialists. Our advisors understand the culture and psyche of the people and the dynamic of the market in their geographies, and where possible, they speak the language of the country.