With so many outsourcing options available for sponsors, we understand the importance of being able to offer a unique and distinctive service. Whether that be by geographical reach or therapeutic specialism, the ability to offer a tailored and flexible service has never been more important.

At Upsilon Global, we partner with small to mid-sized CROs to maximise study profitability, streamline operations and reduce the associated timelines, risks and costs when bidding, planning and launching clinical trials. We focus our support across three primary areas: business development and bid-defences; geographical expansion; and the identification of permanent and interim resources.


With operational capacity across The Americas, Europe, MENA and APAC, we are well placed to provide support and guidance from clinical trial design to product launch. In locations where you may have limited resource, our geographical reach enables us to act as a cost-effective extension of your workforce, often acting as a trans-Atlantic or pan-European gateway to new regions that were previously out of reach.


Business Development

At Upsilon Global, we are aware of the challenges faced by smaller CROs when competing with larger competitors at bid-defence stage, so we developed our business development model to enable our CRO partners to obtain previously out-of-reach studies. Based on the specifics of your sponsor’s request for proposal (RFP), we work with you to identify the best strategy for increasing your chances of success.


Whether by indication or cost-effectiveness, we identify a therapeutically-aligned and geographically-focused multi-country study team for use throughout the bid process, in which each expert has the specific therapeutic experience, expertise in the local regulatory laws, existing PI/KOL contacts and, most importantly, speaks the native language.


The way our bid-defence model works guarantees no cost implication to you, the CRO, whilst allowing you to increase your proposals pipeline and chances of success. We act as a virtual extension of your company and allow you to conduct trials internationally without the fixed overheads, cost layers or multiple communication lines that come with using partner CROs.


Please have a look at our short video that explains the service in more detail:



Geographical Expansion

With time and success, company growth is inevitable, however the traditional risks and costs associated with expanding operations need not be. One of our major value propositions is being able to offer a cost-effective alternative to local/regional CROs. With our global operational presence and up-to-date knowledge of local and international regulatory affairs, Upsilon Global provides our partners with a virtual workforce covering 6 continents.


Whether you’re planning on entering the American market to offer supplementary backup studies to European sponsors, or you’re considering running trials across the MENA region, Upsilon Global can provide you with a cost-effective means to overcoming barriers to entry.


Site and Study Rescue

Sometimes clinical studies run into trouble. Key people may be absent through sickness, maternity leave or even resign from your organisation. All the while, your study must continue to deliver.


Upsilon Global engage with you, in confidence, to prepare replacement CRAs and/or a study management teams, to take over the trial on an agreed date. We will provide you with replacement CRAs within 48 hours of receiving your request, allowing you to prevent lost time and at minimal expense to you and your client.


Any indication. Any country. 48 hours.



As your strategic partner, we embed in ourselves in your culture and share your goals. We understand that your reputation is crucial, as is your ability to deliver to the highest standards, and we acknowledge the importance in selecting the right resourcing partner. With over two decades’ experience supporting both the public and private sector healthcare industries, and a network spanning 6 continents, Upsilon Global are well-placed to support, consult and advise on your resourcing needs.


Whether you’re looking for a regulatory expert in preparation for filing an IND with the FDA, or seeking a multi-country study team for a phase III COPD trial, Upsilon Global’s model minimises risk and financial exposure for projects associated with a fluctuating schedule of work, allowing you to efficiently ramp-up or scale back effectively as needed.