In an era of never-ending outsourcing solutions and service providers, making that business-critical decision about your in-sourcing model for clinical programme management has never been so important. As every Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device company is unique, so too is their approach to clinical programme management.


There are occasions in which you favour running your project internally, but you may not have the specialist resource to operationalise your vision. Here you need a partner who not only understands the importance of quality, timing and budgeting when executing a clinical trial, but also one who understands the challenges small companies face on a daily basis.


Upsilon Global specialise in the selection and development of therapeutically-aligned clinical project teams for multi-country studies.


Insourcing Models

When you’re not looking to outsource your study to a CRO, Upsilon Global’s insourcing process involves the specific selection of therapeutically-aligned and industry experienced professionals, allowing for centralised control running through your own SOPs.


Our insourcing model is designed to minimise the risk and financial exposure for companies that are unable to engage with their required specialists on a permanent basis. Our lean and cost-effective solution enables you to collaborate with your required experts on an hourly basis, alleviating common obstacles such as sickness & holiday pay, maternity leave, national insurance, bonuses and redundancy packages.


Working in this manner allows you access to the specialists best suited to your program, as opposed to those who are simply ‘available’.


Outsourcing Models and CRO Selection

With the growth of outsourcing providers and the evolution of niche CROs, Sponsor’s now have a wealth of options when deciding whether to use a CRO, and subsequently which CRO to use.


For those wanting to engage with a full-service CRO, we partner with a selection of specialist research vendors offering a cost-effective solution to a full range of services. We select and recommend our partners based on operational excellence, quality metrics and therapeutic and study phase expertise. We select operational experts based on your study specific guidelines, whilst our CRO partner executes the study delivery.