“Argint has been working with Upsilon Global since 2016. Upsilon provide Argint with a unique dual service, providing freelance CRAs when additional resource is needed in specific countries to meet the requirements of newly awarded projects, as well as supporting bid-defences when tendering new studies, enabling Argint to rapidly upscale operations.

Upsilon have a deep knowledge of the CRO business, and they always present top-tier clinical professionals, selected to meet predefined criteria. They are incredibly responsive, professional, diligent, and understand the urgency often associated with Argint’s needs. In addition, the Upsilon team are a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.”


Steve Dobbin, COO, Argint International


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“I have worked in the CRO business as an owner and manager for 25 years, and we have repeatedly been disappointed by the services provided by recruitment agencies. We were therefore open to try the different business model proposed by Upsilon to us some short 2 years ago, a model which appeared much more result-orientated and without the annoying and often very rude direct calls from the typical recruiter who apparently knew me personally when trying to pass by our receptionist’s filter.

Upsilon turned out to be different and we have been very pleased with their ability to quickly (often within 1-2 days) provide a number of freelancer CVs and potential employee candidates. For us, being experts ourselves in the Nordic markets, the most important asset of Upsilon is their ability to find candidates in markets that are new to us. As good examples, through Upsilon, we were able to quickly fill a need for clinical-regulatory specialists for a study in France and Italy. Also, when we were looking for new staff/freelancers to our new ventures in the US and Canada, we were quickly helped by Upsilon in providing local expertise.

Furthermore, we are pleased with the pricing structure and above all the willingness of Upsilon’s management to find pragmatic solutions that are viable to CROs of our size. In Upsilon we have now found our preferred provider of freelance contractors, and we would particularly recommend them for the small-to-medium sized CROs.”


Knut T. Smerud, Founder and CEO, Smerud Medical Research International 






I first met Upsilon Global at a conference in 2017, where we learnt of their unique business model and the diversity of support they provide to companies like ASSAY Clinical Research. Upsilon support ASSAY’s presence across Europe, Africa and Asia as early as RFP stage, providing crucial information regarding local regulatory requirements and timelines for target countries, introductions to their local partners and provision of costings for project-specific resource in countries outside of our usual remit.

Upsilon have an exceptional turn-around time for all information and support we request from them. They have helped increase our chances of success for bid-defences which would have previously been out-of-reach, and I would recommend their unique service to any small CROs looking to increase their pipelines and operational capacity.”


Sudarshan Chandran, Managing Director, ASSAY Clinical Research